SME Assembly 2023 rocks the boat big time!

Our CEO Mindaugas Danys has attended the flagship event of the EU in the area of entrepreneurship and SMEs that this year took place in Bilbao, Spain.

Impact investors in Europe

The impact investing landscape in Europe is rapidly expanding, with a growing number of funds focused on generating positive social and environmental outcomes alongside financial returns. Here are some of the largest impact investment funds in Europe

Why Impact investing matters

Impact investing is an investment approach that seeks to generate financial returns while also creating a positive social or environmental impact.

Final meeting of project partners took place in Vilnius

On August 24-25 the ERASMUS project partners from all around the Baltic Sea met in Vilnius.

Promoters of Social Innovations will meet in Vilnius at the end of May

You have to be engaged in sharing your knowledge and encourage debate with peers. While being a part of the Lithuanian cluster for social innovations, CEO of the Social Investments Fund - Mindaugas Danys, accepted an offer to moderate international workshop on social innovations in Vilnius that is organised by the Cluster.

Meeting of project partners in Gdansk

On January 24 the ERASMUS project partners from all around the Baltic Sea are going to meet in Gdansk.

How to improve framework for social innovations in Lithuania

CEO of the Social Investments Fund - Mindaugas Danys has been recruited by the ESFA (Agency for the ESF) in Lithuania to support their activities in relation to improving conditions and framework for social innovation in ESF interest areas.

Joining the Social Innovation Cluster in Lithuania

2021 has been a busy year for the Social Investments Fund. In September we have decided to join the cluster of Social Innovation in Lithuania.

Mentoring at European Social Innovation Competition

Our CEO Mindaugas has been selected as a mentor by EUCLID led consortium that is running the European Social Innovation Competition 2021.

Building bridges between UK and Baltic ecosystems of social entrepreneurship

Building bridges between UK and Baltic ecosystems of social entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship Summit has been held in Vilnius for the 8th time

Social Entrepreneurship Summit has been held in Vilnius for the 8th time on May 5th.

The Network of social entrepreneurship in the Baltic Sea region still kicking

The Network of social entrepreneurship in the Baltic Sea region is still kicking

Baltic Sea cooperation amongst social entrepreneurs will continue

A couple of days ago we've launched another EU funded project. It is based on the networking platform for social entrepreneurs around the Baltic Sea that has been created 4 years ago.

How to foster social enterprises in North Macedonia?

The managing director of the Social Investments Fund Mindaugas Danys was recruited as one of the long term experts to work on the capacity-building component within the EU funded project led by a consortium of Eptisa (Serbia), ECORYS (The Netherlands), and Barka (Poland) Support to Social Enterprises that is going to continue until September 2022.

Social Entrepreneurship Summit in Vilnius on May 7th

Welcome to an annual event for the social entrepreneurs in Lithuania. Due to COVID19 restrictions, the event will take place online on May 7th, 2020. This year the Summit will focus on social/impact investments. More information is here:

SEBS2 project advice: Do you already use social media to spread your good?

Are you already using the power of social media to maximize the do-good-work you’re doing? If not, take up these tips and power up your impact!

Social entrepreneurs in the Baltics tighten the cooperation

Promotion of the social entrepreneurship around the Baltic Sea is speeding up with new initiatives and networks.

GoSocial festival has celebrated social entrepreneurs in Lithuania

On October 18 all social entrepreneurs from Vilnius have gathered in LOFTAS to have a small celebration and exchange of experiences.

Recharging in the countryside

One of the social entrepreneurs from Lithuania - Arunas Survila has had a dream once. It was about the revitalization of his childhood summer place - a small town in the northern part of Lithuania - Antaliepte. Years have passed and in 2013 he started from the acquisition of the first abandoned buildings in the townlet. Funding was scarce but his dedication and support from volunteers as well as various donors made his dream come true.

SIT 2019: Europe’s 15 best social entrepreneurs selected

If you can create an impact you must. Fifteen finalists have been selected for the 2019 edition of the Social Innovation Tournament, the flagship initiative of the Institute’s Social Programme recognising and supporting Europe’s best social entrepreneurs. Two out of 15 finalists are coming from the Baltic Sea region: Wholi Foods from Denmark making energy bars using insects and PositiveCV from Finland that helps find talents in children.

Partners meeting in Gdansk

Social entrepreneurship project partners have met in Gdansk at the end of May. Project partners from across the Baltic Sea have gathered to not only discuss the project status but also look into practical aspects of continuing cooperation and new opportunities for joint actions.

What Social Enterprise Is and Is Not

Social enterprise is, about using a market-driven business model to address critical social and environmental issues. Many people believe that a fundamental element of social enterprise – is collective ownership.

Community urban garden welcomes support from the USA

For several years in a row, the first community urban garden in Lithuanian - Antakalnis urban garden is being supported by the Kazickas Family Foundation from the USA.

Our online group is 2500 strong

Our Facebook discussion group in Lithuanian on Social entrepreneurship and Social innovation has already over 2500 members thas share insights, enquiries, advice and ideas with the peers. Social entrepreneurs need a lot of support in order to start and move ahead.

Improvement of the social entrepreneurship networking and in the Baltic Sea Region

Our social enterprise has joined a project with partners all around the Baltic Sea.

Social Enterprise Summit to be held in Vilnius for the 5th time in March

The annual event which brings together social business experts, academics and practitioners from Lithuania and abroad in order to discuss the latest social business trends and growth opportunities will be held in Vilnius on March 28th.

Collecting and sharing urban gardening know how across Europe

Collecting and sharing urban gardening know-how across Europe is the key objective of the project that we have got involved as advisors.

4th Summer camp on social entrepreneurship in Lithuania

For the 4th time already an annual summer camp on social entrepreneurship took place in Antaliepte – a small Lithuanian town nearby Latvian border on August 22-23.

The first community urban garden in Lithuania

The first community urban garden in Lithuania was opened in Antakalnis.

Opening the first coworking space in Lithuania

The first coworking space in Lithuania - Hub Vilnius has been opened at the North Town Technology park in Vilnius.