A couple of days ago we've launched (online) another EU funded project. It is based on the networking platform for social entrepreneurs around the Baltic Sea that has been created 4 years ago.

The overall objective of the project is to continue the development and widening of the social entrepreneurship network and share best practices by promotion, education, advocacy, and research about social entrepreneurship within Baltic Sea region countries. We expect that the main impact will be the activation of SE business around the Baltic Sea region due to better educational support via provided activities

Project partners: Involved (Estonia) - lead applicant, Social Investments Fund (Lithuania), Social Innovation Center (Latvia), Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark (Denmark), and BISER (Poland).

Time period: 01.09.2020 and finishing on 31.08.2022

The project runs for 24 months.

Netwrking platform: http://www.socialenterprisebsr.net/

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