Social entrepreneurship project partners have met in Gdansk at the end of May. Project partners from across the Baltic Sea have gathered to not only discuss the project status but also look into practical aspects of continuing cooperation and new opportunities for joint actions.

Despite the fact that social entrepreneurship is on the rise in our region, it still lack the critical mass and impact that is being demonstrated by the social enteprises in the UK. Th supporting infrastructure and access to markets is still under development.

Participants of the meeting agreed to revitalize the website and network that has been established over the course of several years of project activities and bring new members and partners on board.

Our CEO Mindaugas has attented the meeting as well sharing his experiences with Lithuanian context.

More information about the project is available here:

The project “Improvement of the social entrepreneurship networking and educational possibilities in the Baltic Sea region” has been started on 1.12.2017 and will last until 31.05.2020.

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