Social entrepreneurship project partners all around the Baltic Sea have been moving to the final stages of the project implementation that had a strong focus on promotion of social business and impact-oriented information. There will be a final project meeting organised in mid May in Copenhagen.

However, until then partners are going to complete the survey of key stakeholders in the respective countries on how they use the platform so that feedback can help it improve and formulate additional ideas for the next phase of the project if the support will be granted.

Highlights of the platform and the online tool include several databases - one for the social enterprises and another one of social support organizations, a library of useful materials on the topic of social enterprise and impact methodology, news, calendar of events etc. All of this has been a result of the continuous efforts of project partners.

Our social enterprise is part of the project. Stay tuned!

More information about the project is available here:

The project “Improvement of the social entrepreneurship networking and educational possibilities in the Baltic Sea region” has been started on 1.12.2017 and will last until 31.05.2020.

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