For several years in a row, the first community urban garden in Lithuanian capital - Vilnius - Antakalnis urban garden is being supported by the Kazickas Family Foundation from the USA.

The garden has been launched and coordinated since 2013 by the CEO of Social Innovation Fund - Mindaugas Danys with partners and other community members. It is a unique community initiative that promotes sustainability and social inclusion. Gardening is a tool for community integration and social organizing.

Thanks to the support from the Kazickas Family Foundation, we have been able to set up an automated watering system inside the greenhouse and cover greenhouse renting costs for a year. We are happy to share our experience with other social innovators and urban gardeners across Lithuania.

You can learn more about Antakalnis urban garden here:

Link to the Kazickas Familiy Foundation:


Work in progress inside our greenhouse, with watering pipes already installed: